Resilience Festival 2019:
Leadership, Ethics, Resilience

6 November 2019 Hotel Lake Resort Senec

Management and HR conference in different way..
We will introduce the concept of resilience and its potential for optimal
working of individuals, teams, communities. This concept is suitable for

What you will learn

Practical instructions how to build personal resilience

How to increase involving in team

How to build supporting relations, partnerships,

You will get to know new people


Robert S. Ukrop (USA)

Businessman, philanthropist, a „ community leader „ .The President a CEO Ukrop´s Homestyle Foods.

Joanne B. Ciulla (USA)

Worldwide respected „ guru“ in Leadership Studies fields, The Director of Institute for Ethical Leadership, Rutgers Business School- Newark and New Brunswick

Iwona Kuraszko Bolöv (SWE)

The expert in Leadership, Ethics and sustainable development.

Laszlo Zsolnai (HU)

The Professor at Corvinus University in Budapest, The Director – Ethics Center in Budapest

Anastasia Kuzmina

Our most successful Olympian

Tinka Karmažin

The founder of brand

Martin Thám

The certified instructor Win Hof Method

Vojtech Artz

The president – Slovak Union of chefs and Pastry-cook

Zuzana Čmelíková

The expert – Organization ethics and leadership

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Unique conference in Slovakia, that brings the concept of resilience for CEO’s, HR’s and managers

6.11.2019 Hotel Senec

What was said about resilience

Resilience is our ability to be physically, mentally and
emotionally strong, despite long-term disfavour. It is our ability to build internal
resistance and setting to reach our aims in spite of disfavour circumstances

Bobby Ukrop – The President & CEO Ukrop´s Homestyle Foods, USA

Resilience is about patience, unconditional
love, determination,, moral values, tenacity in all parts of our lives.”

Jayne Ukrop – Philanthropist, USA